This service is offered by surgeon, pediatrician, neurologist, psychiatrist and child psychiatrist Rubén Feldman-González MD, graduated by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (A.B.P.N.).

Since 1968, Dr. Rubén Feldman-González has served as a physician in Patagonia and Pampa in Argentina, Southern California, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Florida in the USA and Northern Baja California in Mexico.

He completed Residencies in Psychiatry (3 years) and Child Psychiatry (2 years) at the University of Miami, where he became an Ad-honorem Professor of Child Psychiatry for Medical Graduates as Chief of Fellows of Child Psychiatry (1976-1979).

From 1980 until today, every 15 days he takes update courses in the latest advances in Medical Sciences in general and Mental Health.

In Mexicali, Mexico, he has founded the first Center of Psychiatry and Holokinetic Psychology (CPH).

Consultation costs:

Adults: $ 1,500 MXN

Minors (under age 18): $ 3,000 MXN

At distance (Skype), adults or minors: $ 300 U.S. dollars

Important note: Every minor must be accompanied by a person of legal age, parent, tutor or guardian.


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