The International Academy of Holokinetic Psychology (AIPH) is a civil association founded in May 2012, headed by Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez, surgeon, pediatrician, neurologist, psychiatrist, initiator of Holokinetic Psychology, and permanent candidate to Nobel Peace Prize from year 2003.

The main goal of the AIPH is to promote the study of Unitary Perception around the world, allowing people to experience the most important and least known fact of the mind, through seminars, virtual and on-site courses, workshops, conferences and congresses in Holokinetic Psychology.

The AIPH harbors all the Professors and Instructors in Holokinetic Psychology in a world organism which promotes the study and experience of Unitary Perception. Likewise, the International Academy of Holokinetic Psychology regulates the observance, from its active members, of the necessary requirements which endorse them as such.

Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez has once said:

"What are we talking about? About psychoneurological abstractions based on laws. And those abstractions are psychoneurological precincts A, B, and C, which are subject to two universal orders (implicate and explicate) and to Holokinesis, which is the movement from here to here between both orders”.

“This is the paradox of movement, coined by David Bohm. This paradox changes the very nature of science”.

“So, what am I saying when I start talking about this?".

“I was just saying that the mind is more than memory. And that is, I think, the most difficult thing to understand for any person nowadays, who is based, in the best-case scenario, on studies from genetics, learning, computer science, holography and psychology as we know it (with its thirty four manifestations), before Holokinesis appeared, and before Holokinetic Psychology was initiated by the speaker”.


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