Dr. Rubén Feldman González has dedicated much of his life to the research of human psychology, discovering aspects never considered in academic psychology before. He has been presented in his university lectures around the world, as a writer and educator, but more than anything, a visionary scientist who has discovered an aspect of the mind that he calls 'Unitary Perception'.
Dr. Feldman González has also become a missionary, but not of a mission entrusted to him by someone, but out of his own sense of responsibility, which moves him to share the experience, not just the concept, of Unitary Perception.
In 1978 Dr. Rubén Feldman González was invited by Professor David Bohm (associate of Albert Einstein at Princeton University -USA) to the University of London, England, to explore the topic of Unitary Perception. David Bohm shared with Rubén Feldman González the concept of Holokinesis in Physics and both saw the correlation of Holokinesis with Unitary Perception in all fields of human activity. His introduction of the concept of Unitary Perception, based on the Physics of Holokinesis, earned him the appointment as Professor in Psychology and Psychiatry at the International Academy of Sciences of the Republic of San Marino on August 30, 1987.
Since 1978, Dr. Rubén Feldman González has traveled tirelessly through virtually every country in the world, sharing his findings and experiences through dialogues, conferences, workshops, seminars, congresses and retreats. He has published several books of his extensive written work, some already have been translated to several languages.
Between 1968 and 1971 Dr. Rubén Feldman González served the Mapuches natives of Patagonia Argentina as Pediatrician. From 1985 to 1992 he served the Coahuila natives of Southern California and Northern Baja California, and from 1993 to 1998 he served the Eskimo, Inuit, and Atabasco natives in Alaska. He conducted research on the effects of light and darkness on the human brain, especially on sleep, appetite, wakefulness, blood pressure, sex, and alertness.
In the United States Dr. Rubén Feldman González has been licensed as a Surgeon in Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Indiana and Alaska. He completed Psychiatric Residences (3 years) and Child Psychiatry (2 years) at the University of Miami, where he became an Ad-honorem Professor of Child Psychiatry for Medical Graduates as Head of Fellows in Child Psychiatry (1976-1979).
In 1980 he became a member of the American Board on Psychiatry and Neurology, (ABPN). He is President of the International Academy of Sciences (RSM) Mexico, first branch outside the European Union and has founded and currently runs the Centers of Psychiatry and Holokinetic Psychology with offices in Mexico, Argentina and Spain.
Since 2002, Dr. Rubén Feldman González has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, by various Academic and University Institutions, as well as individuals from several countries.
Dr. Feldman Gonzalez once said in an attempt to simplify his teaching: “The brain is a twelve-cylinder engine. We work with a single cylinder, for fear of taking off. When two cylinders work at the same time, reality surpasses fantasy and imagination. Let's get together to see this. Let us be permanent apprentices of life.” Unitary Perception is the most important fact of the human mind and the least known.
Dr. Rubén Feldman González has been received as "Guest of Honor" and has been awarded "Keys to the City", in several places in Latin America, for his invaluable contribution to Psychology and his untiring work to spread the most important fact of the human mind, Unitary Perception.
He supervises the Course Online in Spanish and English, now with 12 professors.
He meets with the professors of the Mexicali CPH at least once a week.
He participates in the revision of his own work during the pre-publishing process of Holokinesis Libros.
He writes for the Official Bi-monthly Magazine, under the direction of Dr. Alberto Arribas.
He started to organize the 15-th International Congress (April 12 thru 15 – 2018).
Dr. Rubén Feldman González states that he will devote the rest of his life to the teaching of Holokinetic Psychology and Unitary Perception until his death or incapacitation.

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