Who can impart a Seminar?
  • Persons endorsed by the International Academy of Sciences (RSM)-Mexican Branch the or International Academy of Holokinetic Psychology (AIPH) as Professor or Instructor of Holokinetic Psychology as well as persons who hold a Masters in Holokinetic Psychology.
Goal of the Seminar:
Seminars are directed at the general public, due to the simple and clear language employed to present and explain each one of the themes dealt with by this seminar.
The seminar introduces the participant to the basic foundations of Holokinetic Psychology in the light of the most important scientific discoveries of recent times and their impact in human psychology, by introducing for the first time the most important fact of the mind, Unitary Perception, which is the fundamental factor of Holokinetic Psychology.
The participant in the seminar has the opportunity to recognize in his own mind the factors that prevent him from having true relationship, absent from conflict, duality, incoherence, and egocentricity. The seminar also has the purpose that the participant will be informed about possible contingencies that Unitary Perception brings to the individual: physical, psychological, and social benefits that are seen in daily life in those who learn to be in contact with this unknown precinct of the mind which is a source of regeneration and peace.
The objective of the Introductory Seminar is, in essence, to facilitate and awaken the interest in Unitary Perception, informing all the possible ways of studying the Written and Audiovisual Work, as well as the face-to-face and online courses available about scientific psychology, Holokinetic Psychology.
Who can organize a Seminar?
  • Persons endorsed by the International Academy of Sciences (RSM) –Mexican Branch as a Professor or Instructor of Holokinetic Psychology as well as persons holding a Masters in Holokinetic Psychology, being in a position or not, to donate the economic benefits that they obtain from the educational activity.
  • Any person interested in obtaining an economic benefit through his organizational work of disseminating Unitary Perception.
  • Any person interested in disseminating Unitary Perception, donating the economic benefit from his work to the organisms that disseminate it.
If there are several persons organizing a Seminar it is essential that one should be named as responsible to the IAS (RSM) Mexico and/or CPHs.
Conditions for organizing a seminar:
Those interested in organizing a seminar can contact us at:
Promotion of a seminar on Unitary Perception:
Promotion of Unitary Perception is very urgent, above all in University Centers, in all of their Faculties, and Institutes of Higher Education.
All promotion should be reviewed by the CPH before it is made public (in that way we work with the organizer to ensure that the language is precise and without distortion, coherent with the language of Holokinetic Psychology.)
Organizing a Press Conference and one or more free conferences previous to the Seminar to promote attendance, where possible, in university environments, or in colleges of professionals would be very beneficial.
The conferences should only be informative for participation in the Seminar and should be carried out before the event so that they are publicized previous to the date of the Seminar.
Organize interviews of the speaker: Visit radio, TV, magazines and newspapers seeking the possibility of having an interview of the Speaker done so that the community is aware of the Seminar beforehand. Not during the Seminar or after it.
Inform people about the Seminar using all of the means of communications possible like Internet sites and the emails system.
Talk to Rectors and Academic Directors, with the aim that they invite Professors and students from all the Faculties. One can also request permission to talk to students and Professors in their classes, to carry out a rapid invitation to participate in the course. It is advisable to leave printed flyers with the information about the Seminar.
Also promote the Seminar in other public or private environments.
Print flyers and posters, to be distributed all over the city, busy street corners, cyber cafes, super-markets, restaurants, theaters, public agencies, banks, etc. –They can also be sent by email, with the help of coordinators who work in Universities who can forward them to their students, etc. The text should fit in one page. This information should not be mixed with ANYTHING.
Have BOOKS and DVDs available for sale, being only those on the subject of the Seminar. Not others.
To whatever extent possible invite the authorities of the city (In some countries like Nicaragua, the municipal mayors have contributed to the expenses, conscious of the fact that the Seminar is of benefit to the community. This in exchange for the participation of his staff. In Oaxaca, Mexico the Governor of the State collaborated. A National President could do even more.
Additional relevant information:
The International Academy of Sciences (RSM)-Mexican Branch, counts on a considerable amount of Professors and Instructors in Holokinetic Psychology, who can travel to impart Introductory Seminars.
Dr. Rubén Feldman González. M.D. (ABPN)
Founder and President of the International Academy of Holokinetic Psychology (AIPH)
Founder and President of the International Academy of Sciences, Republic of San Marino-Mexico.
Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry of the International Academy of Sciences, RSM-Europe.
Initiator of the new paradigm in Psychology, Holokinetic Psychology.
Dr. Rubén Feldman González is a medical doctor and surgeon, pediatrician, neurologist, psychiatrist in Argentina, Mexico and United States, as well as a writer and educator. He is a scientific visionary who has discovered an aspect of the mind that he calls Unitary Perception.
Dr. Rubén Feldman González has been permanently proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize since 2002 by several institutions and people who have followed his trajectory since 1978.
Author of more than 40 books, amongst which can be found: The New Paradigm in Psychology (Paidos-1982 -Updated digital version: Holokinetic Psychology- The only Scientific paradigm in Psychology), Unitary Perception (1989),The Psychology of the 21st Century (1998), Christian Psychology (1998), My Meetings with David Bohm (2001), My Dialogues with Jiddu Krishnamurti (2001), The Mind and Indivisible Reality (2003-unpublished), The Great Leap of Mind, The Mind is also Unitary Perception, The Way out of the Mutual and Collective Hypnosis, Degeneration, Reproduction and Resurrection, (published by Holokinesis Libros-2011), amongst others.
From 1978 to the present Dr. Rubén Feldman-González has taken at least two months of every year to present his discoveries on Unitary Perception, in universities and research centers all over the world. Since 1999 he has taken 10 months every year for this important labor as a pioneer of psychology and initiator of Holokinetic Psychology. 
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