Chronology of a Transcendental Discovery: Unitary Perception

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, who discovered the differential and integral calculus, said that below the material universe there is a metaphysical reality that serves as its base and generates it. Space and time, mass and movement in physics and transference of energies are intellectual constructs, that is, inventions of thought.   
William James proposed that the brain normally filters a greater reality.
Albert Einstein published his theory of Relativity.
Alfred Whitehead, mathematician and philosopher, described nature as a great nexus of events in expansion that does not end in sensory perception. Dualities such as spirit/matter are false; reality is inclusive and intertwined… and Karl Lashley published his great body of research where he demonstrated that specific memory is not found in any particular place in the brain but instead is distributed throughout it.
Denis Gabor employed the calculus of Leibniz to describe the possible three-dimensional photography: the hologram.  
Emmet Leith and Juris Upatniks announced that they had built a hologram with the recently invented LASER ray.  (Light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation -LASER).
Karl Pribram who had worked with Lashley as a neurosurgeon, proposed that the hologram constituted a powerful model for the brain processes.
The physicist David Bohm, who worked with Einstein, proposed that the organization of the universe could be holographic.
Karl Pribram synthesizes his theories and those of Bohm in a German publication on Gestalt Psychology.
The Gestalt movement was the first to show interest in Karl Pribram's discovery, based on the hologram.
Unfortunately, Unitary Perception is incorporated as a new technique to all the egocentric fragmentations and the emphasis on imagination that Gestalt had already made before Pribram.
The need to change our neurocerebral functional Precinct -from B to C- was overlooked, while fragmentations and imagination -Precinct C- continue within the Gestalt movement.
There was great fascination with the hologram, but nobody understood its implications in neuropsychology.
Rubén Feldman González starts his dialogues with Jiddu Krishnamurti (JK) in California and New York.
Pribram speculates on the unifying metaphysical implications of synthesis.
RFG emphasizes that the Gestalt is not sufficient to explain what Bohm later calls “HOLOKINESIS”.
Rubén Feldman Gonzalez (RFG) starts to speak about “Spherical Consciousness” (which he later called “Unitary Perception”).
RFG speaks of Nuclear Psychology, which is now called Holokinetic Psychology.
David Bohm is interested in this and joins the Dialogues being held by RFG and JK.
The dialogue of these three continues until the death of JK in February 1986. Bohm and RFG continue to dialogue until 1992.
The three scientists polish the language to reduce confusion and the distortion of the fact to a minimum.
Unitary Perception is the least well known psychological FACT but the most important.  It is the complete awakening without dangers.
Unitary Perception is to perceive all of the perceptible at the same time, without effort.
In that way the mind can be in profound silence, or even, while perceiving all of the perceptible, alert to the image and the word that are constantly being produced by the brain.
This fundamental action, which has been forgotten by human beings, favors enlightenment.   
The essence of enlightenment is to understand, without words, that all human beings are one.
Beyond time.
Holokinesis gives us a new understanding of time.
RFG introduces this understanding for the first time in psychology when he speaks of functional ABC.
RFG emphasizes for the first time in the history of psychology that the essence of psychotherapy is to move from C to B.
The first book written by RFG was published: “The New Paradigm in Psychology” (Paidós, Argentina).
David Bohm presents RFG to the International Academy of Sciences.
On February 12th Jiddu Krishnamurti dies.
The second book in Spanish is published: “Unitary Perception” (Orión, México).
On October 27th David Bohm dies.
Re-edition of the books: “Unitary Perception” and “The New Paradigm in Psychology” (Promotora Cultural Hispanoamericana-México).
Two unpublished books are published by Promotora Cultural Hispanoamericana: “Christian Psychology” and “Psychology of the 21st Century”.
The International Academy of Sciences of the Republic of San Marino names RFG president of the American Branch.
RFG applies for a change in this to “President of the Mexican Branch”, which is granted and he moves from Alaska to Mexico.
In February 1999 the Mexican Branch of that great International Academy of Sciences-RSM is founded.
The editorial “Holokinesis Books” is born for promotion and editing of written and audiovisual work on Holokinetic Psychology.
The first congress of Holokinetic Psychology by IAS (RSM) Mexico Branch.
Awaiting the publication of RFG’s books: “The Great Leap of Mind” and “The Mind and Indivisible Reality”.
He writes two psycho-historical novels: “Charity Collins-slave” and “Project Icarus One”, on the genetics of the 20th Century.
RFG is proposed as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2004-(AIS).   
RFG completes his world tour (number 50, since 1978) of workshops, retreats, conferences, from Fairbanks-Alaska, and Vancouver Canada; to Coyhaique in the south of Chile, passing through all of the American continent; and from Los Angeles–California to Peking-China, passing through Europe, Moscow and India.
Intensive workshops are planned in Mexico and the rest of America from January to December 2004. European tour in June and July 2004.  Peking-China in July 2004.
Southern Cone of America in October to December 2004.
On September 27 the “Center of Holokinetic Psychology” is inaugurated in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.  cphmexicali.com, Phone: (52) (686)-842-0004
First anniversary of the Center of Holokinetic Psychology.
Third anniversary of the Center of Holokinetic Psychology
Two more Centers of Holokinetic Psychology were born.
The International Academy of Holokinetic Psychology is founded (AIPH).
New edition of the book:  “Mind is also Unitary Perception” is published by Holokinesis Books.
Rubén Feldman Gonzalez is invited with his wife to give lectures, seminars and interviews in several cities in Argentina.
New editions of the book: “The Great Leap of Mind” and “Complete Incarnation” were published by Holokinesis Libros (HKL).
The site holokinesislibros.com is completely renewed and downloads of digital books from the site is possible.
The first issue of the digital magazine Psicología Holokinética is published at revista.psicologiaholokinetica.org.
The 14th Congress of Holokinetic Psychology, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.

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