Dialogue on Consciousness

Arcadia, California, February 2007.
Interlocutor: You say the brain can operate at 100% of its capacity, but most human beings don’t achieve that before their death.
Rubén Feldman-González: I say it calmly. We’re no longer in the year 1500, when people who got enlightened were burnt.
I: What is your consciousness like?
RFG: My consciousness is human consciousness.
You can’t define the word “consciousness” because the intelligence that understands it is that intelligence which is also Unitary Perception, which, in turn, is “to be aware of every perceptible thing that is happening at the same time, without effort, haste or expectation.”
Observation encompasses all the observable in Unitary Perception. The observable includes the observer.
I: Is there another consciousness and another intelligence?
RFG: What I say throughout my whole Written Work is that Perception can be Fragmentary (the one we know) or Unitary (the unknown), which is true, non-imaginary life.
Unitary Perception is the intelligence of Functional Brain Precinct “B”.
The intelligence of Functional Brain Precinct “C” is that which the Wechsler Revised Test measures, and that which can “read between B and C”.
Once I discovered Precinct B, I knew when to use memory, thought, imagination and self from Precinct C, and when to be in the deep and immediate energetic peace of Precinct B.
I: Can you live without consciousness, that is, without realizing you exist?
RFG: When the human being sleeps in the sleep stage NREM-4, he has no known consciousness (memory, thought, imagination, self or dreams).
A comatose human being has no consciousness of functional precincts B or C either.
Upon waking up from coma or sleep, he enters C. He could wake directly into B, as I do (or, as it happens to me), after many years of attempting to live in Precinct B (Unitary Perception).
But learning to live the true, non-imaginary life of Unitary Perception is a matter of minutes, if there is no selfish interference of fears or personal desires.
Without a doubt, after I teach this experience, I emphatically recommend the complete study of Unitary Perception and Holokinetic Psychology.
The subtleties of Unitary Perception are many and very deep, that’s why I recommend the complete reading of the Work written by me about it.
I: Why isn’t the word “consciousness” defined?
RFG: Because even the measurable intelligence, say, with an IQ of 120 or more in the Wechsler-Revised Test, KNOWS that Precinct C IS NOT all there is in the human mind.
The unconscious only exists in Precinct C.
But Precinct “B” is purely conscious.
I: If you say mind is Universal and therefore is in the whole Universe, like Matter and Energy, how is it possible to go beyond the Universal Mind?
RFG: You go beyond the known human mind (Precinct C) and discover Universal Mind.
The first and last step is Unitary Perception (something that the mutant Jiddu Krishnamurti – JK-2- called “meditation” –a word he made sure to eliminate on September 1st, 1985, in Brockwood Park).
It was JK-2 who asked me to use “Unitary Perception” to speak about what he called “meditation.”
Mental Precinct C is of cyclical nature, while B is a-cyclical in nature, but Precinct A is of an unknown nature.
A good brain functions with ABC.
But 99% of human beings function only in mental Precinct C.
I: What is Precinct A?
RFG: You cannot explain it with words, symbols and numbers.
I’m beginning to write about this by redefining words such as “enlightenment,” “sanctification” and “transcendence.”
We need to have fraternal dialogues about this, without mystifying it, without taking it to organizations, without it being something esoteric, mysterious, gradual, philosophical or metaphysical.
I: Talk to us about the Mind-Brain relationship.
RFG: In my dialogues with JK-2 (Jiddu Krishnamurti) he went as far as to say the brain was created by God, by creation. But Mind IS that creation.
The brain does not produce Mind. Mind functions in the brain.
The brain does not produce sodium. Sodium acts in the brain, in each neuron.
Let’s say light is perceived by the eye and consciousness is perceived by the brain.
I’m trying to be clear, concise, concrete and simple.
What can be said with ten words does not need a hundred.
I: Socrates says man knows less than he believes.
RFG: Undoubtedly. And several centuries later, Saint Paul adds that the Second Awakening (to Unitary Perception) is better than believing.
First you wake up from sleep into wakefulness, and then, the Second Awakening may take place, from wakefulness to Unitary Perception.
I: It seems that religion has something to do with your description of consciousness.
RFG: But it has to do with original religion, not with the five thousand organized Christianities.
We have separated daily life from the religion of JesuKristos.
We have separated life into separate, hermetic, water-proof compartments.
That has been done by the Fragmentary Perception of thought (Precinct C).
There are five thousand Christianities out there, claiming to understand JesuKristos.
But misery and wars continue, even among Christians.
There are five hundred Buddhisms, but they don’t help us understand consciousness.
Let’s not confuse JesuKristos (JK-1) with the five thousand Christianities.
Let’s not confuse our Scientific Psychology with the 34 Psychologies in fashion.
The terrible thing is not what we don’t know about the mind. The terrible thing is what is known, but wrong.
I: Physics studies matter and energy, but it doesn’t understand consciousness.
RFG: Current Physics is satisfied with only accurate statistical predictions.
That’s not studying matter or energy.
What we know about matter and energy is still in the intelligence of Precinct C, which cannot comprehend consciousness directly, as Precinct B does.
This comprehension is very real, but it’s not verbal, symbolic or numeric in its nature.
There is no explicable relationship between the Mind and the Brain, unless we understand Holokinesis, by physicist David Bohm, author of “Wholeness and the Implicate Order.”
We can start by saying the Mind is the interface between matter and energy, and then redefine the word mind as I do throughout my whole Written Work.
This doesn’t mean there is something better than science in Precinct C.
Mind is Universal, as Matter and Energy are.
They do not need the human brain.
This can be understood with a metaphor: a ghost does not need a human brain, except for the brain of those who perceive it.
The human being realizes that time is irrelevant (besides being absolute and relative) when entering Unitary Perception, which is functional Precinct B, which has its own intelligence. It (B) is an a-cyclical intelligence, not directed towards any goal. This intelligence does not need effort, haste or expectation.
I’m not talking about emotional intelligence, which is also of Precinct C.
When we live in Unitary Perception (non-imaginary life) we understand that Universal Mind does not need human consciousness. If the human being continues to live its daily life separated from the Universal Mind, its disappearance as a species may also happen soon.
The striated muscle, which allows us to hunt and escape for survival, can also play football and dance salsa, just to spend time or for entertainment.
The “C” intelligence that plans the collective hunt and escape for survival, has also built mathematics.
2 + 2 = 4
But that intelligence has built 34 psychologies.
Recurring again to an explanatory metaphor, in those psychologies it has been said that 2+2=5 and that 2+2=3, and nobody has protested but me.
Just like the eye doesn’t hear and ears don’t see, Precinct C cannot do what Precinct B does.
Consciousness is understood completely when B encompasses C and the brain functions with B and C at the same time.
I: Consciousness does not come from language or culture. Where does it come from?
RFG: It comes from life. Living beings (all of them) are conscious. It’s a biological thing. This is not understood in C. It’s understood directly and non-verbally in B.
But less than 1 per thousand of humanity lives in B.
I: Is it so difficult to live in Precinct B?
RFG: What makes it difficult is our terror of changing, of abandoning our daily horror.
We’re afraid of losing our physical security, which is a security that is imagined by Precinct C, and not even millionaires have it.
Out of that illusory safety we make the most horrible concessions. We even become voluntary slaves of consumption and debt.
Only in Unitary Perception do we start to live in fruitful, energetic peace, which is the basis for the original Kristian communion.
Without Unitary Perception, the human being is very incomplete. His life is envy, fear, anger, sadness, gossip and profound mediocrity.
I: What place does God have in consciousness?
RFG: The place we give him.
For now, his place is only in our language and our imagination. We live an imaginary life; it’s not the true life.
You know that the word “God” is not the God of Creation.
You know that the word “water” won’t quench your thirst.
I: And the same thing happens with the word “consciousness.”
RFG: The same thing. We live without total consciousness, we only live with a partial or fragmentary consciousness.
I: Can we say consciousness exists in space and in time?
RFG: We can, but it doesn’t mean anything. That is a philosophical, high-sounding phrase that may bedazzle a meta-physicist or a philosopher, but to me, that phrase doesn’t mean a thing. I hope you’re not offended by my frankness.
Let me clarify that, please. Consciousness exists in time in Precinct C, but it doesn’t exist like that in Precinct B.
Consciousness exists without time (100% here) in Precinct B.
Unitary Perception (B) encompasses memory (C), but it is free from memory.
So consciousness is free from time in Precinct B.
If you have seen documentary movies on the lives of insects and plants, you know that a great deal of consciousness fits in, for example, the tiny head of an ant.
If many of them gather with the same expectation, the same effort and the same urgency, they can concentrate to eat a human being in the time it takes you to eat a full dinner in a good restaurant (no dessert, to make it less expensive).
I have seen this in documentaries about marabunta ants and army ants.
I only hope not to run into them, or have them move to my neighborhood.
But there already are many human beings with very similar and homicidal efforts, urgencies and expectations that carry the names of nationalism, racism or organized religious fervor, which go so far as suicidal homicide.
So you need space to park your car, but you don’t need space to park consciousness.
The brain, in space, does not produce something non-spatial (consciousness).
Consciousness exists in the Implicit Order of the Universe and it becomes explicit in all the Universe, in all the forms of life and even in matter itself, and in energy, from the Implicit Order.
David Bohm made me see this in holographic clarity in over a decade of dialogue.
Now I feel tempted to ask you to read my whole Written Work, but I won’t.
You will do it if you understand the importance of what I say.
I: Was consciousness born with the Big Bang (BB)?
RFG: That’s an interesting theory.
I prefer to live here and now in the Great Peaceful Silence (GPS). You can only find that in Precinct B, which is Unitary Perception.
When I walk at night in the Valley of Death, where I live, and I look at the sky, I don’t hear any explosion; I hear the living silence of the desert and I see the heavenly luminaries in great peace.
It doesn’t seem very compassionate that consciousness has no home and it goes around  homeless.
That consciousness is all there is. It is the very home of everything.
Precinct C (imaginary thought) wants to find a home for it, because it doesn’t understand that consciousness can’t have a home.
You have to read “The Group Mind” by David Bohm, or his great book “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” to understand this a bit more.
Group Mind is not Precinct B.
Consciousness is in the whole Universe, just like matter and energy, in the electron of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment (designed by Bohm) and in the matrimony of sodium and chloride, the matrimony that flavors our mashed potatoes.
I: How is consciousness related to free will?
RFG: Well, if you ask a good astrologer that question, he will tell you that in no way, and that free will is an invention of human thought to give the ego illusory importance and gratification.
I: So there is no free will?
RFG: Free will exists only in Precinct A.
Jeff Dahmer, the homosexual serial killer who murdered tens of young black men, said –shortly before a black young man crushed his head with gym weights, in the state prison where he spent his days and nights- that he NEVER WANTED to be a homosexual or a serial killer.
It seems Jeff Dahmer wasn’t exerting his free will.
If you decided to stop eating, your free will would last for about 60 days only.
Our inventions of thought (including mathematics) obviously don’t explain us everything about Mind, Consciousness, Matter and Energy (all of which are universal).
Nevertheless, Unitary Perception (B) can change your life for good, if you were one of those extremely few people who take this seriously and don’t mix it with anything known.
Fragment from the book: “The Passion for non Imaginary Life”.

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