Music: For my Ears or for Me?

The outcome of time in the mind is the self.

The occurrence that is timeless in the mind, is Unitary Perception.

Only in Unitary Perception the eternal creation can be perceived wordlessly in a way which is cellular or molecular in nature.

This perception of creation is tremendously vibrant, energetic and regenerative.

Contact with creation cannot be accumulated. It happens everytime anew.

Memory distorts the present moment with desire, pleasure and suffering.

This memory gives birth to the self, and the self perpetuates memory, mostly with the illusion of future security, including the connections of this illusion with money.

Only in Unitary Perception, the speedy movement of imagination and illusion can be followed.

This requires energy, good food, exercise, order in life.

Inner violence has to be felt in Unitary Perception, constantly.

Time will not make violence non-violence.

Violence is not overcome by opposition.

Opposition is the activity of the self.

The awareness of violence dissolves violence.

Unitary Perception brings great clarity and coherence.

Sleep will not end with a dream, but with awakening.

The self will not end with thought, it ends only in UP, for as long as Unitary Perception lasts.

The end of the self is the end of hypnosis, duality, incoherence and conflict.

Duality is not only duplicity, it is also contradiction, it is the horizontal conflict, endless sorrow, fear and stress.

Duality invents enemies and wars.

It invents self-perpetuation, egotism.

Self improvement is only more self.

Unitary Perception has to be undestood, which is urgent for the individual and for mankind.

No enduring love is possible without Unitary Perception.

And with no love, life is hell.  


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