Internet Course in Holokinetic Psychology

The Internet Course in Holokinetic Psychology arises from the necessity to educate professionals in the new paradigm in scientific Psychology, Holokinetic Psychology. Holokinetic Psychology resonates with the Present Scientific Revolution.  

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“This Psychology is necessary for the individual perceptual revolution in the human being. Its object of study and basic foundation is Unitary Perception, a neurological fact and brain function rediscovered in the 20th century, studied and described by Holokinetic Psychology.”

Unitary Perception is a mental FACT; it is not a theory, philosophy, or technique.

It is an aspect of the mind that includes thought, but which is not a product of thought, so it is not Neurolinguistics, gestalt, psychoanalysis, nor meditation or some altered state of consciousness. The individual who lives in Unitary Perception can verify that in this form of life there is true human relationship, which is possible and more and more necessary for today’s humanity. 

With Unitary Perception a brain function is recovered that has been out of use for almost 800 thousand years. The fact of Unitary Perception has its foundations in the concept of Holokinesis of the physicist David Bohm (London University), in the experiment of Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen in Physics, in Mathematics Bell’s Theorem, and the holographic (holonomic) memory of the neurologist Karl Pribram (Stanford University), amongst other extraordinary and little known scientific findings of the 20th century.   

The constancy of living in Unitary Perception (without effort or expectation) allows for the “reopening” of brain centers “that have remained “closed” due to lack of use. 

This cerebral “reopening” is the commencement of a fascinating, peaceful, vigorous and empathic life.”

Rubén Feldman González.

Under the auspices of the International Academy of Sciences (RSM) – Mexican Branch- Nonprofit Institute of Higher Studies.  A.C. RFC: IAS9902022Y7 President: Prof. Dr. Rubén Feldman González.


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