The Attempt of Living in Unitary Perception

The survey of 7 questions that I have just carried out, to which 70% of  my contacts responded, shows us something important about the attempt of living in Unitary Perception.

Only those people who had LIVED in Unitary Perception once, know that Unitary Perception is the most important and beautiful thing in life.

So, without reminders, they do not allow themselves to be swallowed by  the sinister daily life, which can take our peace, energy and even joy of living.

I (RFG) was two years attempting Unitary Perception, in California, before living in it  for the first time, in June 1978 (Frankfurt).

That marvelous awakening made me no longer have time for the past and the glimpses of eternity began.

I decided to dedicate my life to teaching Unitary Perception, which caused me to be left  without my first wife, who abandoned our home.

My person became so cheerful, that the house was always cleaned by some lover. And they did not leave, because I was a candle of laughter.

God sent me Cecilia González, my present wife, with whom we have already had our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

I lost my voice in the Seminar in The University of the Northeast, in Resistancia, Chaco, Argentina, in 1990 (when I visited my birthplace for  the first time), just a little while after returning from India.

The following day I had already recovered my voice, to continue with the Seminar. I teach Unitary Perception in Conferences, Seminars and Retreats, for which I charge nothing, since the time that I began to teach in June 1978.

My mother (92 years old) says that I am crazy for not leaving anything to my sons (because I do not have anything), but I leave them more than 40 books, which cure the people who read them and help them to attempt Unitary Perception more seriously and more precisely.

The energy and lucidity of Unitary Perception causes me to earn a lot of money in my profession as a doctor, and all of it was to be able to travel all over  the planet and teach Unitary Perception.

Now I embrace poverty, to have more time, so that they invite me to teach Unitary Perception all over the planet.

In June 2012 it will be 34 years that I have been teaching Unitary Perception without charging a cent.

Only those who have lived Unitary Perception understand what I did with my life.

But attempting Unitary Perception is not enough to live it.

Remember that we can attempt while we are doing what we are doing  (whatever it might be).

In the darkness and silence (very easy), speaking (less easy), swimming,  walking, working, eating, resting, on a flight, on a bus, driving a car, etc.

I am attempting to write my “Glimpses of Eternity” and maybe I cannot, because I cannot find the words.

True life (not imaginary) starts with the attempt and the factual living of Unitary Perception.

Be constant, dear friends, attempting Unitary Perception. If you do not see that Unitary Perception is the most important and beautiful thing in life, it is simply because you have  not already lived it.


January 14 2012


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