Fragment of an interview on TV-Channel 8 - Matagalpa - Nicaragua

Interlocutor:  You have come to Nicaragua for the seventh time to teach us Unitary Perception. However you say that Unitary Perception is not a theory.

Rubén Feldman González: Unitary Perception is not a theory, nor is it a philosophy or a technique.In the same way that seeing is not a philosophy or a technique; on saying that Unitary Perception is to see and to hear at the same time, then it is a brain function that has been rescued for humanity by JK (Jiddu Krishnamurti), after having been lost almost one million years ago.
JK called it “meditation” until he himself discovered the error of using that word.

I: What are the benefits of Unitary Perception?

RFG:  The benefits of Unitary Perception are verified immediately. Time is not needed.
These benefits are, amongst many others, profound peace, communion in human relationships, growing physical energy and a great physical and spiritual regeneration. It is love. It is not possible to speak about everything that Unitary Perception is.

I: Is it to see with the eyes of the soul?

RFG: Unitary Perception is to see completely with the two eyes that we have in our head.

I: Is Unitary Perception a religion?

RFG:  No, but religion is understood very well if we live in Unitary Perception. For example, there is a great difference between the Christianity that Christ taught (without calling it that) and the Christianity that we know today.

I: Who taught you Unitary Perception?

RFG: It was Jiddu Krishnamurti in 1975.

I: How many people have listened to you all over the planet?

RFG:  Since my first enlightenment in 1978 one hundred thousand people have listened to me but not all of them have taken Unitary Perception seriously.

I: Why is that?

RFG:  I don’t know. Maybe it’s because few people attempt to test its immense value. It appears too simple a fact for us to believe that it brings so many benefits. Besides that, Unitary Perception may be mixed  (erroneously) with techniques, theories and philosophies, and in this way its original force is lost.
Thought, in order to avoid that peace which is its ending, invents fears (of dementia, of the devil, of demons, of the unknown, of an imaginary social rejection).
It is very difficult to free oneself of the hypnotic force of our varied conditioning, of all the numerous products of thought and the imagination, meditation techniques, music, songs, literature, TV, radio, beliefs, political allegiances, football matches, metaphysics, diverse philosophies, the constant daily chatter etc.
We live in a psychosocial cosmovision based on gain without controls or limits. This cosmovision is very corrupting.
With a cosmovision based on compassion it would be much easier to teach Unitary Perception.

I: Are we hypnotised?

RFG:  Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are the essence of human thought.
That essence of thought obliges us to be Argentineans, Spanish, Mexicans, Americans, Iraqis, Jews, Arabs, Catholics, Muslims etc. to the point of death, suicide and homicide. 
We cannot listen to anything new in that mnemonic hypnosis.
We are overburdened with stimuli: TV for hours, cinema, music at full volume and everywhere.
There is no serenity to evaluate the value or the danger of new information.
We have fragmentary ideas of what the MIND is:
We believe that our mind is only memory, thought and the I or self.
Unitary Perception does not fit into our understanding of the mind.
In our education, when there actually is education, we lose this alertness that brings us to investigate, discriminate, explore and discover. That enthusiastic and passionate alertness is what we need to explore the most important thing in life: Unitary Perception.

I: Were you born in Mexico?

RFG:  I was born in Argentina, I live in Mexico and I work in the United Sates. I accept invitations from all over the planet to speak about Unitary Perception.   

I: You are an international man.

RFG:  Before all I am a human being and I would like to see humanity united in the real political and economic equality of a Planetary Government. With that union the epidemics, the wars and the growing poverty will cease.

I: Will you return to Nicaragua? 

RFG: I am already invited to return to Nicaragua in September 2006.

I: You’re always welcome doctor.

RFG: Thanks Mr. Delgado.  I always return to the extraordinary Nicaragua with love.


The UNAN is amongst the people and institutions that have proposed RFG for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008. 


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