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Rubén Feldman González
Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 through 2011
Dr. Rubén Feldman González has been introduced in his University lectures around the world, as a writer, poet, educator and pediatric psychiatrist, but mostly as a visionary who has discovered an area of the mind never described in Academic Psychology. This area is called by him "Unitary Perception".
He has become a missionary, but not of an entrusted mission, but rather an activity emerging from his own sense of responsibility to share the experience (not merely the concept) of Unitary Perception.
In June, 1978, Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez met Dr. David Bohm; Prof. of Quantum Physics at the University of London. Prof. Bohm introduced Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez to his concept of Holokinesis in Physics and the latter attempted since then a necessary introduction of this concept in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry. Since this encounter, which proved to be one of the most meaningful in his life, Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez wrote at least 23 books in Spanish (only partially translated into English and Esperanto) published in Argentina first, but later in Spain, France, Holland and Mexico. They are:
"The New Paradigm in Psychology"
"Unitary Perception"
"Psychology of the 21st Century"
"The Great Leap of Mind:Unitary Perception-Vital Dialogues World Wide"
And 19 books more.
His introduction of the concept of Holokinesis in Psychiatry and Psychology gained him the nomination as Associate Professor in Psychology at the International Academy of Sciences (RSM) in August 30th, 1987.
Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez finished his studies as Physician (1968) and Pediatrician (1971) in Argentina.
He had been active in teaching International Language Esperanto and by 1966 he had founded Santa Fe Esperanto Association and Argentine Esperantist Youth Organization (Argen-EJO), the National Association that gathered all young Esperanto speakers in Argentina (of which Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez was the first president) and also Pasporta Servo of TEJO (World Esperanto Youth Organization). Pasporta Servo is a world service of exchange of young people through the central office in Rotterdam among 1200 members in more than 82 countries.
Between 1968 and 1971 Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez served as a pediatrician the Mapuche natives of Patagonia (Argentina). From 1985 to 1992 he served as a Child Psychiatrist the Coahuila natives and the Chenas of South California and North Baja California . Between 1993 and 1998 he served the Athabascan, Eskimo and Inuit  natives in Alaska. He did research about the effects of light and darkness in the human brain, above all in sleep, wakefulness, blood pressure, endocrine system, and alertness.
Since 1974 he has lived in the USA with his two sons Sebastian and Demian, born in 1971 and 1972 respectively.They are both graduates of the USC in Los Angeles, California.
In the USA Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez became a Physician and Surgeon in the States of Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Indiana and Alaska. He completed a Residency in Psychiatry and later on in Child Psychiatry at the University of Miami where he became an Ad-Honorem Prof. in Child Psychiatry for Medical Graduates as Chief of Fellows in Child Psychiatry. (1976-1979).
In 1980 he became a Diplomate of the American Board in Psychiatry and Neurology.
Between 1978 and 1998 Dr. Rubén Feldman González took at least three months every year to present his work in Unitary Perception in Universities and Research Centers all around the world.
Between 1998 and 2011 he takes 10 months every year for that purpose. In those 33 years Dr. Rubén Feldman González started 41 lectures tours throughout the USA, including Alaska, from Los Angeles, Fresno, La Jolla, San Diego and San Francisco to New York and Miami; Caracas, Merida, Valencia, Cumana and Maracay in Venezuela; Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Cordoba, Jalapa, Colima, Torreón, Chihuahua, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey in Mexico; Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba, Esperanza, Rafaela, Santa Fe, Parana and Resistencia in Argentina; Lima, Perú; San Jose, Costa Rica; Santiago de Chile; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Managua, Matagalpa and Oriental Nicaragua and San Salvador,El Salvador; Rio de Janeiro in Brazil as well as London, England; Dublin, Ireland, Cologne, Germany; Madras-(now Chenai)  and Bangalore in India.
In May 2000 he spoke by invitation at the University of Beijing-China.
In June 2001 he toured in Russia and spoke at the Moscow University.
In July 2004 he participated with his wife Cecilia in the Universal Esperanto Congress (Beijing-China).
Dr. Rubén Feldman González states that it would not be appropriate to start the International Association of Holokinetic Psychology until a deep mutation of the mind starts among those that have taken the study of Unitary Perception seriously.
Dr. Rubén Feldman González says: "The most important thing in life is to discover what Unitary Perception is and what it is not."
During the 15 years that took to write his books (1978-1993) Dr. Rubén Feldman González consulted repeatedly with Prof. Bohm, as well as the educator Jiddu Krishnamurti (founder of seven schools around the world). He also met Karl Pribram at the University of Stanford, Bhurrus Skiner in Miami, Margaret Mahler and the Greenacres in Philadelphia, as well as thousands of University professors and students around the world during his lectures, seminars and four to seven days study retreats.
Between 1968 and 1973 he practiced as a Rural Pediatrician in San Martin de Los Andes and La Angostura in Neuquen, Argentina and Firmat and Villada in Santa Fe, Argentina.
Dr. Rubén Feldman González has practiced as Psychiatrist and Child Psychiatrist in Warren Pennsylvania; Miami Florida; Hanford, El Centro, Calexico and Bakersfield California; and also in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.
He has been nominated by the Senate of the Republic of San Marino as President Founder of the American Branch of The International Academy of Sciences (RSM).First one outside of Europe.
Dr. Rubén Feldman González plans to dedicate the rest of his life to teach Unitary Perception under the auspice of the International Academy of Sciences (RSM).
In February 1995 he has made "a call" to all his friends in the world to unite efforts to build a Center for Higher Studies oriented to discover what Unitary Perception is and what it is not.
After his 35th American Continent Tour in 1996, Dr. Ruben Feldman Gonzalez finished his first book in the English language "The Great Leap of the Mind: Unitary Perception" (Vital Dialogues-World Wide).
He continues to receive invitations to speak in Universities, groups, seminars and retreats around the world. By October 1998, the Cyclopean itinerary of his (1998) 37th American Continent Tour had been completed, starting with lectures in Fairbanks and Anchorage (Alaska) and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (California) from there he proceeded, as usual to Boston, Miami, New York, Mexico (several cities) and South America.
Between 1998 and 2000 he took a Sabbatical to lecture in South America and Asia about the Psychology and Psychotherapy of the 21-st Century.-He will do so every year during ten months, except for summers, when he practices Psychiatry as Locum Tenens. In 2003 he has finished writing (in Spanish) his book: "Mind and the Undivided Reality".
Recently (2011) “Degeneration, Reproduction and Resurrection.”
In October 2001, (worried by current world slavery) he finished a short psycho-historical novel in Spanish: "Charity Collins: slave."
Unpublished: “ RFG- Lectures and workshops 2002-2003”-Only in Spanish.
Content of Dr. Ruben’s seminars, lectures and retreats .
These encounters are meant to have friendly dialogue about Unitary Perception, including the present scientific revolution and its impact on prior Cartesian, post-modern and romantic dogmas. We need to discuss how Unitary Perception benefits daily life in the individual and in the family as well as in education, psychology and religion. Dr. Feldman Gonzalez calls us to see the need to relate in a new (or rather lost) state of consciousness, which he calls Unitary Perception.
 Unitary Perception was not “forgotten” because it is not part of memory.
Unitary Perception is the Mind beyond memory, thought and ego.
He claims there is no thorough human relationship at any level if Unitary Perception is not actually present. Dr. Feldman González states that Unitary Perception is the highest form of intelligence. Unitary Perception is the foundation of compassionate, affectionate, unselfish and sensible action. Without this kind of action, no social, political or economic measures will create lasting peace in the world. He insists upon the need to start centers of encounters which don’t have to become hierarchical organizations "to do good works" in febrile activism. Such activism is very superficial, meaningless and many times even destructive and divisive. In these encounters a purely experiential "research" has to occur, in which all participants are teachers and students at the same time. Dr. Feldman González states that the main function of a group is to share Unitary Perception, or simply seeing together what is in the way of that radical transformation of perception.
Once he said, before starting a retreat, and attempting to simplify his teaching:
“The brain is a twelve cylinder engine. We function with only one cylinder because we are afraid to take off. When two cylinders (senses) operate at the same time, reality is greater than fantasy and imagination. Let’s meet to corroborate this. Let’s all be permanent apprentices of life".
Dr. Rubén Feldman González plans to work as Locums in Psychiatry until his retirement in the year 2016.
He founded the CPH in Mexicali on September 27 2007 (Center for Holokinetic Psychology).
Since then two more CPH were born in Saltillo México and Barcelona-Spain.
He teaches by invitation all over the world and also at the Internet Courses DPI in Spanish and the ICHP in English.
He continues writing about Holokinetic Psychology.
During the 11-th International Congress of Holokinetic Psychology (May 2012)
the International Academy of Holokinetic Psychology will be legally founded.
Rubén Feldman González M.D. ABPN
PMB 40-716
120 "A" Rockwood Ave
Calexico California 92231 USA.
Tel: 52-686-842 0004 (Mexicali)